Tuesday, 25 Jun 2024



At the forefront of PL Shipping’s valued assets is the company’s human resources, composed of well trained and experienced seafarers, a capable on-shore staff and managerial team, which skillfully overseas operations, and is steering the company’s success.

The Company has created a working environment where people are challenged to do their best and has determined and maintains the infrastructure needed to provide ship management services that meet the specified or implied requirements of the Customers and other interested parties.

The company’s employees work constantly together to offer immediate and complete support to the vessels and their crews. Through an integrated system of effective interdepartmental communication and cooperation the employees have been able to build up the team spirit necessary to undertake complicated projects, to handle intricate problems, to promote safety and to improve operational efficiency.  PL Shipping provides its people with extensive training at all levels both on land and at sea in order to open new horizons for individual improvement and to create a high quality workforce. Senior officers, company executives and visiting/guest instructors provide on going training to officers and crew as well as to the company’s employees. The target is to achieve and maintain at all times the highest possible professional excellence.